The information provided in this section is purely for educational purposes and you should check with your veterinarian for advice on dealing with health issues with your animals.

Weekly Worm Webinar #1 – Periparturient Egg Rise, Susan Schoenian, Runtime: 1: 12: 40,
Weekly Worm Webinar #2 – Fecal Egg Counting Primer, Dr. Dahlia O’Brien, Runtime: 51:01,
Weekly Worm Webinar #3 – Public Enemy # 1: The Barber Pole Worm, Dr. Kwame Matthews, Runtime: 1:48:55,
Weekly Worm Webinar #4 – Pasture Management for Parasite Control, Dr. Niki Whitley, Runtime: 30:20,

Friday Lunchtime Q&A – Ask a Vet –

Bioworma Webinar – Chris Lawlor, Runtime: 1:06:42,