The information provided in this section is purely for educational purposes and you should check with your veterinarian for advice on dealing with health issues with your animals.

Prolapse is a major cause of ewe mortality. Ewes, and especially ewe lambs, that are fat and aren’t getting exercise seem prone. Moldy feed that contains estrogen may upset hormone balance sufficiently to cause expulsion of the vagina or uterus.

Vaginal prolapse occurs before lambing and may be inherited. It may be due to too bulky feed, natural estrogens in the feed or those produced by molds, short tail dock, or injury. To correct it, clean the protruding tissue, elevate the rear quarters of the ewe, and reinsert the tissue. To keep the tissue in, you can suture the vulva partially, insert a plastic ewe retainer, or fasten a rope hitch around the ewe in a manner that permits tying three knots over the vulva. Use an antibiotic to arrest infection and cull the ewe.

Uterine prolapse occurs after lambing and may be due to a parturition accident. It may never occur again. If uterine infection develops, treat it with sulfa bolus or an antibiotic. Use a ewe retainer, feed a low roughage diet, elevate the ewe’s rear quarters, and use a rope hitch as described above.