The Northern Virginia Area wool pool will take place on August 6 from 9-12 noon at Clermont Farm in Berryville. Mid States will be bringing a truck to the area and collect wool from producers. This wool will not be sold right away, but will be taken to Mid-States Wool Growers in OH. There it will be weighed, graded, stored and sold whenever a buyer can be found. The truck will leave Berryville and head to the Madison County Fairgrounds to pick up any wool that is collected at that location, and have the same sales process. I told Stanley that we would take any other wool that wants to make the trip from outside the area as well that is not normally from our area since not everyone has scheduled a pool or may have missed a marketing date.

For more information contact

C. Corey Childs
Unit Coordinator
Extension Agent, Animal Science Specialty
Clarke, Frederick, Page, Shenandoah and Warren counties
Warren County Office
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